03 November 2015

MapViewer Version 12.2.1 released

MapViewer 12.2.1 is now available for download from OTN at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/mapviewer/downloads/index.html

This version includes a generic EAR file which can be deployed to other JEE containers such as Tomcat or GlassFish.  The WebLogic specific EAR requires WLS with JRF.

All MapViewer functionality is included in this kit, including the latest V2 JavaScript Mapping API.

In addition, a new feature, dynamic tile layer, allows a client map application to define and create tile layers dynamically.  Because it is independent from MapViewer's metadata definition for tile layers, any number of dynamic tile layers can be created on the client side, making it very useful in big data analytics.  Dynamic tile layer capabilities include:

  • A new HTML5 API that can define the dynamic tile layers directly, without relying on pre-defined tile layers on the server
  • Ability to fetch fresh map images (not cached images) from a MapViewer server or a third party map service provider
  • Allowing a client application to provide a custom URL-generation function to specify where its tile images are to be fetched
  • Ability to configure a dynamic tile layer such that attribute values of all the displayed features are embedded in the tile images and displayed via info window or tooltip on mouse over any feature
The Oracle Fusion Middleware User's Guide for MapViewer can be found here.

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Mohammad Hmedat said...

We need finish function to finish drawing redline tool
and to use of double click like ESRI