28 May 2008

Oracle Maps Applications in the Internet - References

Forest Slovakia
Forest Portal in Slowakia ...more about it here

Airport Düsseldorf - Noise reduction site

Airport Düsseldorf - plots and houses effected by noise polution
Airport Düsseldorf - Noise reduction Monitoring (german)

Special Use Airspace & Air Traffic Control Assigned Airspace

US Geological Survey - National water quality mapping site

Oracle eLocation Services Test Drive

Valimar, Portugal:
http://geo.valimardigital.pt/maps/geoportal/Developed by a local Partner (Timestamp) for a "Digital Region".
In the map you can find some information (POI, Pedestrian paths, streets).

Department of Employment, Belgium
It uses OBI EE and MapViewer to show unemployment rates. The site is part of: www.werk.be - In werk.be click left on Cijfers en onderzoekàCijfers
Then choose:
Start interactieve toepassing VAR
Or go directly to the BI EE / Oracle Maps Entry Screen.

http://www.geonetz-greven.de/ - City Portal, Germany - .NET User Interface integrated with Oracle Maps. More screenshots in separate article.

(added 03.03.2010)

Landesamt für Umwelt, Wasser-wirtschaft und Gewerbeaufsicht Rheinland-Pfalz
Mainz, Deutschland: Messstellen Verwaltung:

added: 16.08.2011 -more details in this separate article.

Oracle compilation of links using Mapviewer/Oracle Maps:

more to come . . . - stay tuned !

26 May 2008

SpatialDB Advisor

I today came across a very useful site/BLOG of Simon Greener, an "independent Spatial Advisor". I will add a link in my "Spatial BLOG's" - so if you like to "deepdive" into Spatial and/or GIS terminology and functions, procedures, tipps and tricks (and not only Oracle, but also MSql-Server, MySQl, PotGIS, etc.) you will find a lot of stuff on his site/BLOG "SPATIALDB-Advisor"
Good luck !

23 May 2008

More Memory for the MapTileServer (Mapcache) !!

Especially when generating detailed tiles by the MapTileServerCache (Mapcache) in Oracle Maps the OC4J needs more Memory to be allocated !!
When you do start the Mapviewer without an explicit command to allocate Memory, only 128 MB will be assigned to the OC4J.
The side effect with too less memory: The MapTilServer will generate tiles, but these are just containing the background color and no details from the layers.

Now, when you like to generate the tiles (*) for the Mapcache (either during runtime, when the user interacts with the map or if you like to prefetch the tiles) the Mapviewer needs more Memory !
So I recommend to start the Mapviewer like:

C:\mv10131_qs\oc4j\j2ee\home>java -Xmx512M -jar oc4j.jar

and you can play around with the Xmx512M to increase like Xmx1024M when needed.
For standard operation 256 might be sufficient.
Parameters like ZoomLevel and tile-size are influencing the memory consumption (during generation!).

(*) the generated tiles are stored in the file system in a directory like:

and looks like:

Have fun !

Force Mapviewer to use the right JAVA directory

I recently again came across JAVA errors/exception referring to JSP's when starting the Mapviewer with Java exceptions.
The reason was, that the Mapviewer startup batchfile did not include the
SET JAVA= path.... and a JAVA runtime version cud not complie the respective JSP's.
I was able to access the Mapviewer ADMIN Page but some other pages seem to have gone (cud not be compiled properly during runtime)
To overcome this obstacle recommend to include the JAVA SET command as follows:
(my startup batchfile assigning 512 MB RAM to the OC4J(Mapviewer)

Good luck !