23 April 2009

How To: Export/Import Themes, Styles, Maps from DEV to TEST to PROD

From time to time I am asked how one can export/import the mapviwer themes from one instance to another:

1. Copy map-data from USER_SDO* Views into own/private tables:
SQL> create table my_sdo_maps as select * from user_sdo_maps;
SQL> create table my_sdo_themes as select * from user_sdo_themes;
SQL> create table my_sdo_styles as select * from user_sdo_styles;
-- the next table contains the definitions of the MapCaches; it is specific to
-- the respective MapViewer installation;
-- if you like to make use of a different MapViewer install
-- you shud create the Cache for new ...
SQL> create table my_sdo_cached_maps as select * from user_sdo_cached_maps;

2. export the DB-User ...

3. and import on the target system
SQL> insert into USER_SDO_STYLES (select * from my_sdo_styles);
SQL> insert into USER_SDO_THEMES (select * from my_sdo_themes);
SQL> insert into USER_SDO_MAPS (select * from my_sdo_maps);
SQL> insert into USER_SDO_CACHED_MAPS (select * from my_sdo_cached_maps);

22 April 2009

ORACLE SPATIAL: Webinar hosted by Directions Magazine May, 7th

Priming The Pump: Oracle Spatial - Learn how Oracle Spatial can leverage your existing investments in IT

Directions Magazine (purely concentrating on Geospatial technology) have organised a Webinar on Oracle Spatial and the technology behind it.
When: May 7th, 21:00h CEST (Germany/Berlin - more timezones below)
Registering here

Practically every organization has a wealth of geospatial or location-related information. Users in many industries are starting to realize the potential business value of visualizing and analyzing location data together with other information in their enterprise databases.

The good news is that this doesn't have to be daunting or costly – in fact enterprise databases such as Oracle make it easier than most people might imagine to get started leveraging location to cut costs, unearth revenue opportunities, improve business processes and sharpen their company's competitive edge.

This webinar will highlight how:

  • Oracle Database users have an impressive array of location data management and query capabilities and development tools that can be leveraged without additional software cost.
  • Rapid prototyping and development tools for geospatial applications can be used by technically oriented business users and non-programmers, as well as IT professionals.
  • IT organizations can use their existing skills and infrastructure to integrate spatial and location technology into everyday business processes.

Xavier Lopez, Director of Product Management, Oracle Spatial Products Group, will outline Oracle's spatial and location technology products from a user opportunity standpoint.

Steven Pierce, Principal Geospatial Consultant, Johnston McLamb, an Oracle Spatial consulting partner, will share best practices and lessons learned, based on experience helping business users easily fast-track their use of Oracle Spatial with rapid prototypes that can pave the way for production enterprise applications.

"It's really very simple. Geospatial data will become more important to corporations and government. More users will need access. More applications will need to be developed. As a leader in geospatial database management, Oracle provides the tools, scalability and security for you to prime the pump and make your enterprises more location intelligent."

Directions Magazine, Joe Francica
Vice Publisher and Editor in Chief, Directions Media

Who Should Attend:
CIOs, IT executives, developers, users and managers, as well systems integrators and VARs who are all part of the business intelligence and geospatial ecosystem across all industries for both the private and public sectors.

Thursday, May 7, 20092 - 3 pm EDT1 - 2 pm CDTNoon - 1 pm MDT11 am - Noon PDT
--> May 7th, 21:00h CEST (Germany/Berlin)
Hosted By: Directions Media
Moderated By: Mike Agron, Executive Advisor, Directions Media
Technology Overview: Xavier Lopez, Director of Product Management Oracle Spatial Products Group
Case Study: Steven Pierce, Geospatial Business Manager, Johnston McLamb

Registering here.

Good luck and a wealth of Oracle spatial information - promised !!!

16 April 2009

Webseminar: "Geo Web Services and the Oracle Platform" - Mai 8th, 2009 - 11 hrs

I am happy to announce that two of my colleagues namely Karin Patenge and Carsten Czarski (both Oracle Germany) do offer a Webseminar (IN GERMAN!) on „Geo Web Services and the Oracle Platform“ on Mai 8th, 2009 11:00 hrs CET - they will explain and illustrate how various OGC Web Service Interface Standards have beeen implemented and will be supported by the Oracle products.

They will speak about:

- Web Map Service (WMS)
- Web Feature Service (WFS)
- other Geo Web Services
- Q&A

Details to access the Webconference (please use MS Internet Explorer):
Conference-ID 142125959, Key: 20090508 and enter your name.

It is recommended to check the compatibility of ur browser beforehand using the same link (--> TAB: new User).
The webconference is accompanied by a telephone conference for easy listening:
Phone #: +49-89-1430 2323
Meeting ID: 107076
Meeting Passcode: 107076

Good luck !