25 April 2013

MapViewer has been shipped

You might have noticed: MapViewer has shipped (as part of FMW PS6).

It's available on support.oracle as Patch # 16589883 https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/ui/patch/PatchDetail.jspx?patchId=16589883 

Notable enhancements include:
- V2 of oraclemaps javascript API which depends on, and uses, HTML5 Canvas and SVG for client side rendering of interactive map content.
Requires HTML5 Canvas support in the browser and hence won't work with IE8.
- A web-based spatial data editor (Java applet)
- Support for 3rd party spatial data sources via GDAL/OGR

I haven't had time to test this all.
I am extremely interested in the Java applet for editing...
Have fun ! (oh, sorry, english)

NB: A new site has been launch for Oracle Maps recently -
with a Test Drive for Oracle Maps with the new look and feel.