26 February 2010

Google Maps: Transsiberian Railroad Map + Videos

An interesting type of navigation with integrated map, index and videos can be found at Google Russia. Its not based on Oracle Maps, but one more time shows, what nowadays can be achieved with spatial and internet technology:

Ofcourse, this cud also be built based on Oracle Maps !!!!

18 February 2010

Mapviewer/Oracle Maps runs everywhere !!

From time to time I have been asked, if Mapviewer also runs on Tomcat of JBoss, etc.
Yes - you may find a complete list with respective versions of other than OC4J or WLS supported and certified J2EE servers on oracle.com.
These are:
- Apache Tomcat
- JBoss
- Webshpere
Ofcourse you need to license an Oracle Application Server for the use of Mapviewer - but it works!

16 February 2010

Oracle Maps Hands-On-Workshop 17.3. in Düsseldorf

Oracle Partner CISS-TDI offers an Oracle Maps Hands-On-Workshop in Düsseldorf March 17th 2010.
Just to let you know !! Maybe you have time to attend !!