23 September 2008

NEW: Spatial und LBS White Paper (August 2008)

A new Oracle Locator and Oracle Spatial 11g Best Practices Whitepaper (16 pages) has been published. Just to let you know !
The TOC looks as follows:
- General Best Practices
- Oracle patchsets
- Data modeling
- Metadata, tolerance and coordinate systems
- Transportable tablespace with spatial data and spatial indexes
- Data loading
- Point data in the SDO_POINT attribute of the SDO_GEOMETRY object
- Geometry validation
- Spatial index creation
- Partitioned local spatial indexes
- Spatial Queries
- Application considerations ArcGIS
- DBTUNE file
- Important notes for 3D data
- Creating a spatial index with an ESRI client tool
- Primary key for ArcSDE
- Registration of spatial layers not created by ESRI client tools
- Deregistering layers from ArcSDE
- Performance with ESRI client tools

11 September 2008

Mapviewer - Mapbuilder: concatenated labels

Undocumented Feature:

How can labels be concatenated from different columns of a table/theme?

Mapbuilder helps !

10 September 2008

Mapviewer certified on WebLogicServer (WLS)

A new Mapviewer patch for version is available with WLS and Safari Browser support:

Feel free to download from Metalink.

03 September 2008

DOAG SIG Spatial infos

The DOAG SIG Spatial event September 9th in Frankfurt was a great success ! Again more than 70 people attended the event. Thanks to Thomas Pahl's excellent organisation and the very interesting topics and speeches (as planned - pls see my previous thread on this).

After 7 years of DOAG SIG SPATIAL organising Thomas Pahl will hand over the event organisation to other spatial enthusiasts -
A GREAT THANK YOU to Thomas for all his voluntary work ! Great !

As promised and as a follow up of my speech pls make a note of the following information:

MAPVIEWER 11g Preview (comprising Oracle Maps) is now production and supported! - whereas you might miss it for download on the Mapviewer download page.
As MAPVIEWER now has become part of the Oracle Weblogic Server (WLS) and the version 11g is not out,
MAPVIEWER's new version is: + Patch#4 (incl. Oracle Maps)
You may download it from Metalink.oracle.com - search for patch 7195504
Mapviewer does run on WLS - I did test it -and the certification process of Mapviewer on WLS is underway.

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Of great interest was the new Oracle Middleware Strategy: So I post some links here.
See and hear the Oracle Fusion Middleware Strategy as a Podcast or the Product Strategy and Briefing (pdf) or the Webcast "BEA Welcome and Middleware Strategy Briefing" (Charles Phillips - Oracle President and Thomas Kurian - Oracle SVP Development - July 1st 2008)

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Forgotten Links:
Geocoder Demo: http://elocation.oracle.com/geocoder
Oracle Maps online: http://elocation.oracle.com/elocation/ajax
Oracle Mapviewer online: http://elocation.oracle.com/mapviewer

New (in German) Spatial Community page with a wealth of information !

All visitors of the DOAG SIG Spatial will received the links to supporting papers and copies of the speeches on paper or pdf from the DOAG organisation.

I enjoyed both speaking at the DOAG event and meeting all the people !
Take care !