14 August 2008

DOAG SIG Spatial 9.9.08 in Frankfurt

  • Neues zu Oracle Spatial und Oracle Maps in 11g (Carsten Czarski, Oracle)
  • Oracle Maps Mashups - wie nutzt man andere Kartenserver (Bernhard Fischer-Wasels, Oracle)
  • Oracle als Integrationsplattform -- Geodata Warehouse im Konzern Stadt Herten (Berthold Bärk / Rolf Jüttner, CISS TDI)
  • Oracle-Spatial-basierte Betriebsmittelauskunft für Ver- und Entsorgungsnetze (Petra Freutel / Nico Tebbe, Mettenmeier)
  • Geoproxy Thüringen - Hochperformante Bereitstellung von Geodaten (Olaf Schimmich / Erik Lipski, Grit)
  • Data Dictionaries: Vergleich von Oracle Spatial 11g und PostGIS (Andreas Bartels, disy)
More you can find on the http://www.doag.org/ site under SIG Spatial

Event location: InterCityHotel Frankfurt Airport, Cargo City Süd, 60549 Frankfurt/Main


Luca said...

first of all excuse me if I use this section to post a question.
I would like to know if, using Navstreets dataset, I need to recreate all the themes, styles etc. that in world sample data set are already provided (creating tables for ocean, country, regions...) etc. or if there's an easier way.
Thank a lot,

B. Fischer-Wasels said...

sorry, I must admit I am not familiar with the Navstreet dataset - suggest to drop this question in the Oracle Spatial Forum:
As I experienced from the NAVTEQ Demo dataset NAVTEQ comes with styles and themes.
I can imagine that when uploading additioanl "real" data from Navteq there might be double inputs (double streets....) - but I really don't know. Sorry.
Good luck !