29 January 2009

Oracle Maps uses "Openstreetmap" as WMS

Thanks to the analysis work and "hacking" done by my colleague Carsten Czarski I am pleased to present the Openstreetmap solution (free maps...!!) being integrated in Oracle Maps utilising an Openstreetmap WMS service provided by the WHEREGROUP.

In the Oracle Mapviewer it looks like:

Here are some screenshots of the setup of the "Map Tile Layer Definition":

The "cutted" url is : http://osm.wheregroup.com/cgi-bin/mapserv

you will have to use SRID 4326 - I used 10 zoom-levels:

In Oracle Application Express with Oracle Maps it looks like:

A tutorial (in German) can be found on the German APEX Community site.

"Firewall challenges":
The OSM-server resides in the Internet. If your MapViewer Installation is behind a firewall, you'll  need to define your Proxy-Server... this has to be done in the file
"MapViewerConfig.xml" or here:
MapViewer Admin GUI --> Configuration --> search for "Web Proxy Settings"

And the "check-box" for "HTTP Proxy required" has to be set in the MapTileLayer configuration

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