08 January 2009

Geocubes - what is that ?

As the number of FOI's do increase steadily, it makes sense to "cluster" these instead of pointing to a cloud of FOI's.

Last week I came across this new feature called GEOCUBES developed by a Berlin (Germany) located company named Skilldeal.com.

Til end of Feb 2009 the Code (Javascript API, JS API Reference, client library PHP ) is free - I haven't had the time to test it - feel free to test it on your own !

(28.01.2009) One more comment:
I think there is no need for the GEOCUBES functionality in Oracle Maps, as we do influence the appearance of the FOI's according to the Zoom-Levels. In Mapviewer and Oracle Maps we can setup the layers in relation to a Zoom-Level.
This is different in Google Maps: there you do see ALL FOI's at all Zoom-Levels, and therefore it makes sense to use GEOCUBES.


Alexander Ryndin said...

Hi Bernhard!

Is it possible to use it with Oracle Maps?


B. Fischer-Wasels said...

hatte leider noch keine Zeit zum Testen. Werde das dann hier erwähnen.

B. Fischer-Wasels said...

sorry - I haven't had the time to test it; will comment on it here, when known.

B. Fischer-Wasels said...

pls see comment in the original post added today.

Alexander Ryndin said...