30 January 2009

Mapviewer 11g new features and misc. tipps

We are looking forward to the new Mapviewer/Oracle Maps features in 11g !!
Don't ask me, when it will come !! It'l come....
Oracle Maps Developer "LJ" is showing some new functions in his BLOG already !

Namely: Heat Maps

or the "Microscope" - a draggable magnifying glas:

For more info and explanations look at LJ's BLOG directly.

You'll find some interesting tipps on the following as well:

Displaying map tiles in your Java Swing app
APEX, Oracle Maps and Secure Mapping
Displaying labels on your FOI objects
MapViewer for WebLogic kit updated
Generating map legends
Creating a web map from raster image files
Official MapViewer white paper: a primer
World mercator projection used by Oracle's eLocation site
How to read the logs generated by MapViewer
Oracle Maps and APEX
GeoRSS support in Oracle Maps
Cross-domain Oracle Maps scripting
Getting more diagnostic info out of MapViewer
eLocation: a public show case of MapViewer

Not everybody might come across LJ's tipps/BLOG - so I better have the topics mentioned here as well!
Thanks LJ !!

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