03 September 2009

Mapviewer Code Samples, Tutorials and Demos

Meanwhile Oracle provides for Code_Samples incl. a mashup with Digital Globe satellite images named "Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer Sample Code, Tutorials and Demonstrations":
- Digital Globe mashup example (zip)
- Mapbuilder Tutorial
- eLocation Look & Feel
- Oracle OpenWorld 2007 Hands-on Demo (the Geotag application)
- Oracle OpenWorld 2006 Hands-on Demo (APEX and Oracle Maps)
- MapViewer Client API Sample Code
- Mapping, Geocoding, and Driving Directions Demo
- MapViewer Demo
Check it out !!!

Mashups mit OpenStreetMap, Virtual Earth and Google Maps

today I was asked again for external (WMS) maps, which may be used as FOI or Basemaps in Oracle Maps/Mapviewer.
Some time ago Friedhold Matz did some extraordinary research work and "hacks" on that.
Feel free to visit his BLOG on the mashups.
It is concerning mashups with
- OpenStreetMaps/OpenLayers
- Google Maps
- Virtual Earth
- Google Maps Street View
Thank you Friedhold again !

Good Luck !