28 January 2010

GEORAPTOR keeps on rocking...

Update 31.12.2010:
Lately in November SQL Developer 3.0 EA is out integrating the "Map View" already.
Suggest to Download SQL Developer 3.0 !
An update has recently been made for the GEORAPTOR extension in a sourceforge project.
GEORAPTOR is a "viewing component" for the SQL Developer 2.1 to have a first impression of the spatial data used.

You may find more info in my older post here.
The name GEO-RAPTOR originates from the former "development" - name of SQL Developer, which was called: RAPTOR (;-)

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O+AM+Y said...


Nice to see that GeoRaptor is used !

We are trying to fix any bugs and make Georaptor even more usefull, so please post any comments/bugs/requests in Georaptor's sourceforge forum,