23 April 2009

How To: Export/Import Themes, Styles, Maps from DEV to TEST to PROD

From time to time I am asked how one can export/import the mapviwer themes from one instance to another:

1. Copy map-data from USER_SDO* Views into own/private tables:
SQL> create table my_sdo_maps as select * from user_sdo_maps;
SQL> create table my_sdo_themes as select * from user_sdo_themes;
SQL> create table my_sdo_styles as select * from user_sdo_styles;
-- the next table contains the definitions of the MapCaches; it is specific to
-- the respective MapViewer installation;
-- if you like to make use of a different MapViewer install
-- you shud create the Cache for new ...
SQL> create table my_sdo_cached_maps as select * from user_sdo_cached_maps;

2. export the DB-User ...

3. and import on the target system
SQL> insert into USER_SDO_STYLES (select * from my_sdo_styles);
SQL> insert into USER_SDO_THEMES (select * from my_sdo_themes);
SQL> insert into USER_SDO_MAPS (select * from my_sdo_maps);
SQL> insert into USER_SDO_CACHED_MAPS (select * from my_sdo_cached_maps);

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