23 September 2008

NEW: Spatial und LBS White Paper (August 2008)

A new Oracle Locator and Oracle Spatial 11g Best Practices Whitepaper (16 pages) has been published. Just to let you know !
The TOC looks as follows:
- General Best Practices
- Oracle patchsets
- Data modeling
- Metadata, tolerance and coordinate systems
- Transportable tablespace with spatial data and spatial indexes
- Data loading
- Point data in the SDO_POINT attribute of the SDO_GEOMETRY object
- Geometry validation
- Spatial index creation
- Partitioned local spatial indexes
- Spatial Queries
- Application considerations ArcGIS
- DBTUNE file
- Important notes for 3D data
- Creating a spatial index with an ESRI client tool
- Primary key for ArcSDE
- Registration of spatial layers not created by ESRI client tools
- Deregistering layers from ArcSDE
- Performance with ESRI client tools

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