05 August 2008

Mapviewer/Oracle Maps Licensing

Due to Oracle's strategic change from the Oracle Application Server (OC4J) to the BEA Weblogic Server some questions came up re the licensing.
MapViewer is now also included in the WebLogic licenses.
It is also included in the TopLink/ADF standalone license for deployment on other supported J2EE servers (ie: other than WebLogic and Oracle Application Server).
Following Software does include the Mapviewer/Oracle Maps:

  • TopLink/ADF
  • Weblogic Server Standard Edition
  • Weblogic Server Enterprise Edition
  • Weblogic Suite
  • Internet Application Server Standard Edition One
  • Internet Application Server Standard Edition
  • Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition
for the pricelist suggest to check the Oracle Store or contact your Oracle Sales Rep.

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